Enhanced PPC

In 2013, Google significantly modified its Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or AdWords platform with the rollout of Google Enhanced PPC Campaigns. In the past, paid advertising campaigns were separated based on the type of device receiving the information. An ad campaign developed to appeal to someone receiving the message on a desktop computer was completely distinct from the structure of a campaign directed toward a smartphone user. With the lines blurred in how desktop and mobile devices are used, Google’s enhancements make it easier to conduct multifaceted PPC campaigns.

At the time, Google produced a short video to assist understanding the changes. The video is now a few years old, but it is still be a good reminder for how to target the same campaign to both desktop and mobile users. Highlights of the features include:

  • The integration of all devices onto a single campaign management platform
  • Google ad extensions for additional display of information by device, location, time of day and more
  • Simplified keyword research
  • Features that allow advertisers to adjust bids up or down depending on the device.

Transitioning to the Enhanced PPC has long since occurred automatically. However, checking your campaign against current capabilities can yield a better return on your PPC approach. We at DesignWorks can give you a tour of options; and as a web development and online marketing company we can help you get in the game. You can also go to Twitter and search #onlinemarketing to see tips from us as well as others.

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