Non-Profit Focus

Marketing is becoming increasingly important for non-profit organizations in today’s challenging fundraising environment.

Non-Profit Focus

Designworks can partner with you to design and implement effective marketing programs that enable you to fund and focus on your mission by:

  • Creating or refining a brand identity that captures your unique mission and message
  • Developing innovative, integrated marketing campaigns to reach and engage your institutional and individual target audiences
  • Designing and developing a website that your audience can easily navigate and find key information about your mission, organization and programs
  • Integrating websites into other relevant systems to streamline and optimize operations
  • Creating content that enables audiences to better understand and visualize your work
  • Making it easier for individuals to support your organization through donations, social media or other actions
  • Providing detailed analytics and insights into website visitor behavior and making recommendations on ways to improve engagement

With two decades of experience working with non-profits, Designworks has the expertise to improve the awareness of your mission and the engagement with your audience.

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