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We shape compelling brand stories that transform average customers into loyal brand champions.

When your brand speaks, what does it say?

For nearly two decades, we’ve worked with companies to help crystallize their core values, disrupt unhelpful legacy perceptions, and develop cohesive and compelling brand stories that build emotional connections.

Why focus on your story? Because in today’s chaotic world, people crave connections – including with the brands they invest in. Authentic brand stories build emotional connections. Those connections build trust. And trust turns average customers into loyal brand champions.

There’s a narrative around your brand, regardless of your involvement. Let DesignWorks helps ensure you’re the one shaping it. Contact DesignWorks today.


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Our time-tested process is founded on the discovery of your authentic brand. We start with a blank slate, assume we know nothing, and then share in the exploration of discovering the truth in your brand though customer, competitor, and market research; and internal and external stakeholder interviews. After a detailed analysis, we distill your authentic value into a story that creates emotional connections with your clients. Finally, we help you leverage that story across all marketing and sales platforms, with the most critical being your website, for true market dominance.

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