Smart companies actively evaluate the quality and effectiveness of their brand to make sure that it’s effectively positioned, culturally rooted, and consistently aligned with their unique niche in the market.


Designworks helps organizations develop and refine their brand using a simple and time-tested process that enables us to capture and convey the essence of an organization in a way that inspires engagement and action. The process includes the following elements:

  • Collaborating with internal stakeholders to clearly understand an organization’s unique value proposition and plans for the future
  • Interviewing customers and partners to understand key external perceptions
  • Engaging key employees to get their unique insiders perspective
  • Researching target markets to better understand the trends, pressures, opportunities and threats that are shaping the industry
  • Doing a competitive branding and positioning analysis to identify key challenges and opportunities
  • Assimilating all the collective data to create a brand and visual identity that uniquely positions your organization in a way that attracts attention and inspires action.

Branding and identity development is an intensely collaborative process that is best undertaken with a partner like Designworks. With decades of branding experience, we can provide the processes and objectivity to help you develop a brand that reflects the uniqueness of your organization.

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