Education Focus

Education is forecast to be a half trillion-dollar market within the next five years. To be competitive in that marketplace means understanding your students needs and having marketing programs to reach and engage those students.

Education Focus

Designworks has helped many top-tier colleges and universities address business and marketing challenges through:

  • Helping to develop a compelling brand that speaks to the aspirations and needs of a current or prospective student
  • Designing innovative and integrated marketing campaigns to reach and engage students through multiple and yet relevant channels
  • Designing and developing educational websites to ensure easy navigation and access to relevant institution and program information
  • Integrating websites into other relevant systems to streamline and optimize operations
  • Creating messaging and content that engages students using video, social media, live events and other marketing collateral
  • Developing personalized messaging to engage a student from their first contact with an institution through choosing to register and attend a program
  • Providing detailed analytic insights into all aspects of student behavior throughout their research, registration process, and their on-going interaction with an institution

Choose Designworks as a marketing partner and benefit from our 25 years of experience in the education sector.

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