Education is forecast to be a half trillion-dollar market within the next five years. To compete successfully, institutions must clearly understand student needs and have robust marketing programs.

Education Focus

DesignWorks has more than two decades of experience helping educational institutions attract, engage, and retain students and donors through inspiring brand and website projects.

Our Process

Today, more educational institutions are competing for fewer students. DesignWorks has a proven marketing process to help colleges and universities attract new students, engage existing ones, and appeal to alumni and donors.

  • • Develop a compelling brand that speaks to the aspirations and needs of prospective, current, and graduated students
  • • Design innovative and integrated marketing campaigns to reach and engage students through multiple relevant channels
  • • Design and develop educational websites to ensure easy navigation and access to relevant institution and program information
  • • Create efficiencies through high-level integration between websites and relevant business systems
  • • Develop engaging messaging and content using video, social media, live events and marketing collateral
  • • Develop personalized messaging to engage each student from first contact through registration, acceptance, and attendance
  • • Provide detailed analytic insights into all aspects of student behavior throughout their educational life-cycle

Choose DesignWorks as a marketing partner, and benefit from our 25 years of experience in the education sector.

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