ECommerce Focus

Helping eCommerce clients capture attention and inspire action in a digital and transactional world.

Ecommerce Focus

Over the last 20 years, Designworks has delivered hundreds of eCommerce websites. Our unique approach and expertise has helped those clients revolutionize their online business by:

  • Using our business experience to effectively assess situations and develop efficient strategies to achieve desired objectives
  • Identifying the ideal positioning, messaging, and website structure to meet these objectives
  • Designing an intuitive website user experience by developing a unique customer journey for each customer persona
  • Utilizing our two-phase development cycle to help clients prioritize features, functionality, and budget to maximize the probability of success
  • Using our programming resources and ability to develop complete solutions that improve internal and online operations; such as inventory and accounting
  • Leveraging our deep knowledge of natural and paid search to attract and drive website traffic for maximum impact
  • Developing an integrated marketing approach to support all relevant marketing channels
  • Creating content development programs to increase customer engagement
  • Using our knowledge and passion for measuring site performance to recommend strategic adjustments at the right time
  • Building long-term partnerships that create real business value for our clients

Let Designworks help you build the next great eCommerce website.

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