Lead Generation

Lead generation is about engaging targeted customers via a sustained, integrated dialog with your company so that, when they are ready to buy, you are their go-to choice.

Lead Generation

Today’s 24/7, mobile-based world has caused a fundamental shift in what it takes to create successful lead generation strategies, and Designworks believes effective programs have the following elements:

  • Understanding the dynamics of the sales process by interviewing key sales team members and customers
  • Adjusting company messaging, creative assets, and the marketing mix to minimize sales process objections and enhance competitive strengths
  • Creating increased brand awareness within your target market
  • Developing targeted campaigns aimed at engaging specific personas or market segments
  • Developing informative content that will engage customers at right time in the buying cycle
  • Creating compelling offers that encourage customers take action
  • Implementing analytics programs that track and measure customer behavior with the goal to alter, adjust, or build new campaigns based on the results

Designworks’ unique blend of strategy, creative and technology skills will take your organization’s lead generation programs to the next level and, in doing so, help build engaging and actionable relationships with your target customers.

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