DesignWorks creates intelligent website and brand strategies that engage today’s tech-savvy consumers, and convert browsers into buyers in-person and online.

Clicks, Bricks, & Connections

Today’s consumers invest in brands they connect with, and who put them at the center of the buying experience regardless if they’re online or in-store. DesignWorks helps consumer-focused companies build dynamic brands, and develop compelling customer journeys across all marketing platforms to turn average customers into avid fans.

Our Process

Authentic. Engaging. Integrated. Those are the words we use to describe the brand experiences and customer journeys we create for consumer-focused businesses.

We start with a blank slate, and then share in discovering the truth in your brand though customer, competitor, and market research; and internal and external stakeholder interviews. After a detailed analysis, we distill your authentic value into a story that creates emotional connections with your clients. Once we have a solid foundation, we leverage that story across all customer engagement platforms, creating unique customer journeys that are compelling and repeatable whether in-store or online.

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