Consumer Focus

Consumer behavior is always evolving and Designworks has the expertise and foresight to help clients stand out in creative and compelling ways.

Consumer Focus

Designworks’ unique blend of strategic, creative, and technical marketing skills has helped many consumer-focused companies effectively attack both old and new marketing challenges by:

  • Identifying consumer personas and researching what appeals to target demographics
  • Developing engaging and attractive brands that align with the outcome of our research
  • Defining customer journeys that guide website users through their ideal experience so that information and website architecture better address their needs
  • Designing innovative websites and other marketing assets that attract attention, create engagement, and inspire action
  • Ensuring that websites are developed to optimize success in the areas of SEO and PPC advertising
  • Creating targeted, personalized content to reflect a company’s story across all marketing channels
  • Providing eCommerce solutions that make the transition from researching to buying a seamless and robust process
  • Integrating websites into other relevant systems to streamline and optimize business operations; e.g. ordering, fulfillment and accounting
  • Developing analytic systems that track consumer behavior and provide actionable feedback to help tune and improve conversion and close ratios

Meeting the expectations of tech-savvy consumers can be a challenging task; especially with the explosion of today’s 24-7 mobile usage. Let Designworks help guide the way.

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