Case Study

Giving engineers the power to ask "What If" with custom tools for a new kind of online experience


Billions of dollars are invested in system-on-chip (SoC) technologies that power everything from smart watches to smart buildings. In the race to build the smallest, fastest and most sophisticated SoCs, engineers battle the demons of complexity, cost and risk. There’s tremendous pressure to get things right the first time at every step from design through manufacturing. Many an engineering team has lost its mojo trying to build tomorrow’s chips using yesterday’s tools and approaches. eSilicon stepped in to help.

In a bold move, eSilicon decided to offer engineers free online access to its own well-honed tools, which are powered by machine learning and a knowledgebase developed over hundreds of successful customer engagements. More than just a set of tools, eSilicon built a cloud-based technology platform that empowers engineers with a whole new experience – the ability to ask “What If;” explore options; and get fast, accurate answers at critical points in the custom semiconductor development cycle.

Services Rendered

  • Brand Discovery & Strategy
  • Brand Naming & Storytelling
  • UX, Web Design & Development
  • Digital Advertising
  • Product Launch Video

Brand Discovery, Naming & Strategy

Company leaders sought a creative agency that could grasp the significance of its technology and convey its unique advantages in a compelling way to the engineering community. They chose DesignWorks. eSilicon’s clear vision, bold business stance and commitment to excellence allowed us to win executive buy-in on a strategy to make the experience of using this platform the central focus of our branding efforts.

We jointly named the platform eSilicon STAR and carried the STAR concept into the naming of the individual tools – for example, as STAR Explorer and STAR Navigator – to convey the engineer’s experience of being guided expertly through the custom semiconductor development cycle without complexity and risk. Brand positioning and storytelling emphasized the value to be gained from the eSilicon STAR experience.

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UX, Website Design & Development

We worked in parallel on UX design and website redevelopment, collaborating closely with marketing and technical staff at eSilicon. For each of the new online tools, we shaped the UI to offer the most engaging yet efficient user experience possible – which required an understanding of engineers’ requirements of and potential interactions with the tools. We redesigned the corporate website to showcase eSilicon STAR through high-impact storytelling, visuals and opportunities for engagement.

Logo Design

Pleased with the results, eSilicon invited us to redesign its corporate logo. We preserved and refined key elements of the parent brand throughout the project. Prior to launch, we also created an ad campaign with a little tongue-in-cheek humor and an introductory video that distilled eSilicon’s powerful tech capabilities into memorable, bite-sized content. As a result, eSilicon hit the ground running with a cohesive set of branded assets for community-building across all media and marketing channels.