Digital Experience Platform

Achieve brand consistency and deliver personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint with a full-featured Digital Experience Platform and Content Management System.

DesignWorks has more than two decades of experience helping clients craft authentic brand stories and build effective marketing systems. With this state-of-the-art Digital Experience Platform, our clients are able to maintain brand consistency and nurture every step of a customer’s journey with personalized content, automated marketing triggers, and multi-channel publishing capabilities.

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One Platform. Limitless Possibilities.

Choose the one Digital Experience Platform that is chalk full of out-of-the-box capabilities, yet completely customizable to fit any multi-channel marketing team’s needs. Say good-bye to limits on how far and fast you can grow.


  • Drag and Drop Capabilities
  • WYSIWYG Components
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Site + Multi-Lingual
  • Embedded Mobile Optimization
  • Tiered Access


  • Personalized Messaging + Imagery
  • User Behavior Reporting
  • Behavior Driven Promotions
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Behavior Driven Email Outreach
  • Automated Customer Segmentation


  • Workflow Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Image & Video Conversion
  • File Management
  • Digital Asset Delivery
  • Microsoft & Adobe Integration


  • Unified Customer Profiles
  • Customer Data Modeling
  • Customer Data Integration
  • Customer Marketing Automation
  • Cross Channel Personalization


  • Print Publlishing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Commerce Integration
  • Content as a Service (CaaS)

Single Source, Multi-Channel Publishing

Manage content from a single source and reuse it across multiple channels such as your website, apps, social media platforms, digital marketplace, print and IoT.

Real-Time Personalization & Automation

Aggregate user profiles, enrich data, build segments, personalize content and trigger automated marketing events based on real-time user behavior.

Improve brand consistency & ROI with more than your traditional CMS

Create amazing web and other customer experiences for both B2B & B2C environments with an integrated, cross channel Digital Experience Platform.

Flexible Open Source, No Subscription Framework

Lower TCO and prevent vendor lock-in with this headless Symfony framework.