Case Study

Contrast Security is a new entrant in the secure software development market. DesignWorks helped them tell their story through a few short, humorous videos.

Contrast Security

Contrast Security is a new entrant in the secure software development market. Building on decades of experience and research securing real applications, Contrast uses instrumentation to enable applications to instantly and automatically test and protect themselves for application security issues unlike their competitors who rely on batch based analysis of these apps that spits out reports often running to hundreds of pages to highlight potential vulnerabilities in these applications.

Services Rendered

  • Video Production

To highlight their differentiation, Contrast wanted a series of short, engaging videos that showed the differences between working interactively with their tools to identify these vulnerabilities as opposed to wading through hundreds of lines of printed code to do the same. Working closely with the Contrast team, we came up with the idea of developing 4 live-action videos that highlighted alternate uses for the massive reports that Contrast’s competitors produced. These uses included:

  • Reading these reports to your children at night instead of bedtime stories to put them to sleep because they are so boring
  • Using them as a piñata on which the dev team can take out their frustration because they are so hard to work with
  • Using them instead of free-weights in the gym because they are so heavy

From these concepts, we developed short (20-25 second) story-lines and engaged with one of our video partners, H2Video, in the process of choosing locations, casting actors, shooting and editing these videos. We had worked with H2Video many times before but this was the first live-action project that we have done with them. The project went without a hitch and we delivered all 4 videos on time and on budget.

The resulting videos were launched at a tradeshow and proved to be a great hit. Live action videos – especially short humorous videos – can be difficult to get right but, by getting everyone engaged in the creative process and using professional resources to do the heavy lifting, these videos can be very impactful marketing tools. Interested in learning more about the impact of video in marketing? Check out DesignWorks’ creative solutions, or reach out and chat.

Video Production