Video Production

The visual cortex in the human brain has the capacity to identify and process images that are seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. Designworks helps marketers leverage that fact through video.

Video Production

Whether you’re looking for a corporate overview, a product demo, an advertisement, an animated explainer video, or some other creative marketing piece, Designworks will help you capture attention, invoke emotions, and inspire your customers to act through:

  • Clarifying the business intent and desired outcome for each video
  • Determining which personas or segments should be targeted
  • Uncovering the right messaging for your target audience
  • Aligning the video format to the dynamics of the situation
  • Keeping the video short and focused on the key benefits that are important to your audience
  • Choosing visual and auditory influencers in ways that enhance the message and capture attention
  • Placing a video in the ideal location along your target customer’s journey
  • Determining how a video should be leveraged from an integrated marketing perspective

Good videos tell great stories that connect with their audience and inspire visitors to engage deeper with your brand. Let’s set an example for how great an asset your video can be.

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