Our Process

Knowledge and experience are critical in determining what to do. However, execution is the ultimate differentiator.


We take great pride in our ability to deliver projects and campaigns that are on target and move the needle, and the foundation of that success is rooted in our proprietary processes. While each process is unique, our overarching philosophy includes:

  • Analyzing the situation and defining the desired outcome
  • Designing an effective plan to achieve the desired result
  • Creating or building assets to support the plan
  • Executing with precision and quality
  • Measuring the results of our campaigns and activities
  • Tuning for constant improvement


Regardless of your industry or market niche, Designworks believes the first meaningful step that a prospective customer takes is to visit an organization’s website. For that reason, we have perfected a flagship web design process that will help build a foundational hub for all other aspects of the marketing mix.

Two Phases Are More Accurate Than One

Designworks understands the central importance of your website and we have developed a proprietary two-phased process that’s designed, through collaboration with our clients, to uncover the most critical aspects for project success. Most importantly, our process is designed to do that early in the process and prior to to committing to specific set of deliverables. Our experience has been that the early discovery process, messaging decisions, information architecture discussions, and design process all contribute to a significant amount of learning and most often that learning sets the foundation for the rest of the project; irrespective of what the goals where coming into the project.

About 15 years ago, the evolution of that experience led us to build our delivery around the two-phased model whereas the first phase is designed to set the target, and the second phase is about developing and executing the plan to hit that target. After developing 100+ websites in this manner, we’re absolutely convinced this is the best way to ensure your website truly addresses the situational needs while still being speedy, on-time, and on-budget.


  • Using a variety of evaluation methods that include questionnaires, stakeholder one-on-ones, and workshops, our goal is to pinpoint your targeted personas and their respective needs through the customer journey
  • We uncover the unique aspects of your brand to bring that out as we define the customer journey and the subsequent high-level messaging
  • We define the information architecture and design the layout, structure, and style to be the foundation for the project
  • We provide schematics as well as branded design comps for the most critical pages of the site
  • All of the aforementioned steps are outlined within a project specification document in both business and technical terms, and that document then becomes the statement of work for the development phase of the website project


  • Using the specification document developed in the Design Phase, our skilled content strategists and front and back-end developers bring your website to life
  • Our rigorous approach to all aspects of development, testing and deployment ensure the project is on-time and on-budget

Designworks has designed and developed over 100 websites for companies ranging from consumer-focused companies to educational institutions and leading enterprise technology companies. Let us help you design the next great website.

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