Paid Advertising

Designworks leverages paid advertising as a secret weapon for growing sales, increasing leads, and uncovering ways to substantially succeed in other marketing arenas.

Paid Advertising

Designworks has a unique approach to paid advertising that creates a winning formula for our clients on several different levels. We achieve measurable success by:

  • Clarifying a client’s unique position in the market
  • Establishing unique campaigns and landing pages for each target persona
  • Focusing on campaigns where we can create high success and low waste
  • Making sure the winning campaigns have substantial exposure
  • Establishing measurable conversion metrics for all campaigns and landing pages
  • Adjusting landing pages and CTAs for improvement over time
  • Managing every paid advertising initiative through an ROI lens
  • Recognizing actionable patterns while prioritizing only the bigger steps first
  • Implementing display ad retargeting to increase the chances of success over time
  • Using campaign learnings as a way to evaluate, adjust, and improve the overall marketing mix

In addition to increasing sales, brand awareness, and leads, paid advertising can be the fastest way to uncover opportunities, see trends, sense competitive issues, and test ideas because of how quickly and easily you can adjust positioning, messaging, and drive traffic to strategically designed landing pages. Designworks understands this dynamic extremely well, and based on that idea, our professional team of marketers have the experience to create significant results.

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