Integrating Web Applications With QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the world’s most commonly used small business accounting software, and at DesignWorks, we’ve been researching various ways to integrate QuickBooks with our clients’ web applications. We have some great news! QuickBooks Web Connector allows for web development companies to plug applications into QuickBook’s powerful accounting software so that businesses can further automate workflow with accounting.

From a technical standpoint, QuickBooks Web Connector is just a proxy service that allows the web application and QuickBooks to talk in the same language, but the possibilities that this integration opens up are endless. Companies can do things like transfer e-commerce revenue and costs directly into QuickBooks. They can generate sales receipts and sales tax, create invoices and bills, establish customers and vendors, and a whole host of other tasks. All of the data QuickBooks holds, from inventory management to tracking expenses, can be kept in sync with a web application.

As we continue to work with QuickBooks to build custom solutions and increase our clients’ efficiency, we will keep you up-to-date on the exciting details of providing integration between webs applications and QuickBooks. We’ll also keep you posted about innovative new ways we find to use this level of integration.

QuickBooks Web Connector opens up some great opportunities, but it is not an out-of-the-box solution. It is merely a component to allow for a custom solution, and that’s what we do best at DesignWorks. If your company uses QuickBooks or any other software, we’d be happy to give you some ideas for how to reduce overhead and automate work flow by connecting a web application to any business accounting software. Let computers take care of the data entry and let us know what business processes you’d like to automate.

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