Search Optimization

The game has changed. Today, keyword and content strategies determine your positioning, but actual optimization of that positioning is determined by something entirely different.

Search Optimization

Designworks has perfected a proprietary process for creating search engine optimization success, and the formula includes more of an integrated marketing focus than most people would think. We achieve significant results for our clients by:

  • Understanding a client’s unique position in the market
  • Clarifying or creating high-level messaging for each target persona
  • Catering the information architecture of all online assets to the unique user experience of each target persona
  • Leveraging video and other interactive marketing assets to increase page engagement of each target persona
  • Finding creative ways to improve click-through-rates within the natural search results
  • Running integrated marketing campaigns that drive each target persona to uniquely designed web pages
  • Making sure that all critical landing pages have a clear CTA that aligns with the ideal outcome and that is adequately measured
  • Assisting clients to consistently engage in purpose-driven collateral development and social engagement when appropriate
  • Measuring the results of all marketing initiatives and adjusting strategic activities with a focus on continuous improvement in page engagement and natural search click-through-rates

While no two initiatives are exactly alike, our professional team of search engine marketers have the experience to implement flexible strategies while yielding consistent results.

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