eSilicon Gives Engineers the Power to Ask "What If"

New tools shape a new kind of experience. Branded by designworks.

eSilicon built tools that guide engineers through custom semiconductor development cycles without complexity and risk.

Designworks made the appeal of eSilicon's versatile platform the central focus of their branding.

eSilicon website

Cadence is building an IP business that could transform the microprocessor industry.

Designworks has transformed their story.

Eager to communicate a new and unified value proposition to customers and partners, the Cadence IP Group engaged Designworks to help build its brand through a comprehensive marketing communication program and website design.

Cadence IP website

Xicato is elevating the physical and emotional impact that lighting has on people in all walks of life.

Designworks has made their vision a reality.

Xicato bar photograph

Xicato sells the promise of light, not just the fixtures through which it flows.

Designworks brought their promise to the surface with a new website.

Xicato Responsive site on various devices

Designworks gave The Avant its identity.

The Avant is a new property for active seniors with a unique set of value propositions. Designworks helped create an identity for The Avant from the ground up.

The Avant brochure
The Avant poster