A cookie-cutter marketing approach would not do justice to what makes Xicato so appealing to its customers. Whether they operate hospitals or hotels, restaurants or clothing boutiques, Xicato’s customers share a common need to create a welcoming environment for their patrons. We are such visual creatures, what could be more important than the quality of light in our surroundings? When Xicato approached us, it was to re-imagine key elements of their brand identity and communications in order to grow their customer base. Among their goals was to strengthen their brand with marquee customers and extend to new buyers.Through close collaboration with their new VP of Marketing we arrived at a bold consumer-oriented approach to storytelling and graphic design. We humanized the company and simplified the science behind their lighting technology, elevating the physical and emotional impact that lighting has on people in all walks of life. A sumptuous font and vibrant palette of corporate colors were chosen, and every image and word came together to help Xicato sell the promise of light, not just the fixtures through which it flows.

Website Design & Development




The Xicato team is a passionate group of smart, hard-working people that take a lot of pride in what they bring to the lighting community. They enjoy what they do and it shows. We wanted to capture this enthusiasm on their website and their leadership team agreed that a candid photo-shoot would add the finishing touches to their site.