Designworks’s robust solution for online surveys

For clients who rely heavily on online customer feedback and surveys, Designworks now offers a comprehensive, multi-featured service that allows the collection and analysis of all types of customer data.

It is common for a service-based business to have online surveys for customers, which allow them to rate their latest visit, provide feedback on the customer service provided, and comment on a variety of factors such as the environment, product, and their likelihood of return or recommendation.

But what good is all that data if the results are not properly digested and addressed?


To obtain the raw data, the initial part of Designwork’s solution is for our designers to create a custom web based survey or form based on the information desired.  This form will be displayed on your website in which a user will be able to answer questions with preset answers, fill in open spaces with feedback, and provide any level of required detail (name, phone number, time of visit, etc.).


Designworks has developed an integrated scoring system to help accurately evaluate individual situations and a notification system to illicit the appropriate response.  Each question will have an associated positive or negative scoring value based on the response of the customer.  For example, if a customer is filling out a survey after a visit to an auto repair shop and is presented with the question: “how likely would you return to this particular auto repair shop?”.  A “yes” response would result in a factor of 100 points and a “no” response would render 0 points.  This could be customized to provide additional detail by providing a scale of 1-10 (1 being never to return and 10 being that they will recommend the shop to everyone they know) and assigning the score accordingly.  From that, the overall score can be used to evaluate individual situations (i.e. Bob’s visit) or categories (service score for the San Francisco location) as a whole — you can then assign a verbal score (dis satisfactory, satisfactory, or excellent visit) per set of numerical scores.

A notification system is also available to address individual situations.  For example, a customer fills out an online survey indicating that he or she was highly disgruntled with their latest visit either because of bad service, a poor job, etc.  Our system can notify that particular location owner immediately so that the appropriate store can rectify the issue.  A customer needs to know that by filling out the survey, they are also being heard and change is being made.  The key component in this process is that it will help facilitate a response in a timely manner to prevent a customer from taking actions of their own such (ex. telling their friends about what happened).


The system is not limited to numerical and verbal scores, but also includes sophisticated reporting and graphing capabilities.  Visual representation will allow observance of any seasonality of particular services and products, the motivation behind particular visits, and any traceable trends in an easy to follow format.

  • SORT – Sort functions will allow you to focus on the important data at hand.
  • SCHEDULE – Set recurring schedules for reports to and save be generated and emailed.
  • EXPORT – Custom reports and graphs can be exported in a friendly PDF format which can then be used for distribution if needed.


The dashboard acts as an overview of results and a portal to previous reports.  Showcasing the reporting and graphing capabilities, this serves as a tool for evaluating responses between reports as well as looking at overall cumulative results. Previously generated reports can also be downloaded from the dashboard.


It is possible to couple responses with internal, proprietary data for more comprehensive results and accountability.  Using the auto repair shop example,  the feedback would be far more valuable if the employee on duty that time and day was tied to the feedback.  If the receipt and the survey does not already have information on who was providing customer service that day, we can cross-reference employee work schedules with the details (time, day, etc.) of any particular visit.  This will give greater insight into areas of improvement or recognition.

Designwork’s end- to-end solution has taken the simple online survey and web form to a new level.  What was traditionally a survey to retrieve basic information is transformed into a multi-featured service with reports, graphs, and a dashboard used in conjunction with internal data to come up with long-term solutions.  Post-survey insights and analytics in easy-to-understand formats are instrumental in using information from real life customer situations to evaluate areas of focus in order to drive  success.

We at Designworks would love the opportunity to create an online survey form for your business. Please contact us and we will customize one to your business needs.

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